St. Elizabeth Catholic University Parish

Mass Intentions

Mass will be said during the week for the following intentions:

Saturday, June 22 5:00 PM Crespin Bocanegra, RIP, by the family and
Fredona Rodriguez, Health Intention by Ron & Teresita Gilliland
Sunday, June 23 8:30 AM The People of the Parish
  11:00 AM Al Mole, Health intention, by St. Elizabeth staff
  2:00 PM Slaud De Josie Hernandez, la familia
  5:00 PM Carlos Pena, RIP, by his parents & brothers
Monday, June 24 5:30 PM Tom Brown, RIP, by Tim & Pam Brown
Tuesday, June 25 5:30 PM Special Intention by Martinez family
Wednesday, June 26 5:30 PM

Gary Mensen, Health Intention, by Knights of Columbus #12803

Thursday, June 27 7:00 PM Ben and Mary Jane Gorham, RIP, by Nell Whitehead and
Samantha & Mark Tobias, Anniversary Intention by Greg & Maria Shehan
Friday, June 28 7:00 PM Dorothea Knapp, RIP, by Knapp & Cockings families
Saturday, June 29 5:00 PM Julian & Lydia Gonzales, RIP, by Maria Deleon and
Harry H. Hall, RIP, by the Hall family
Sunday, June 30 8:30 AM Al Mole, Health intention, by St. Elizabeth staff
  11:00 AM The People of the Parish
  2:00 PM Slaud De Ricky Alamanza, la familia
  5:00 PM Michael R. Luna, RIP, by parents, sisters & grandmother Raquel Cardenas